Angel Mobile (L2)



(This price included lamp and wick but not including oil)

Oil filling160cc, burning time 22hrs
Product size: 67 x 150 mm
Box Size: 6.5 x 8.5 x 8.5"

**Please contact us for more information.


Unlike the traditional kerosene lamp,The Angel Light eliminates some negative experiences with 3 unique features:

• The transparent and the reflective properties of high quality glass which resists to high temperature or fire.

• The synthetic wick supports burning only the oil. This keeps the wick last much longer than the normal cotton wick.

• In contrast with kerosene, The Angel Light uses only the specifically formulated,The Angel Oil, the finest synthetic compounds, smokeless and odorless fire,clean and safe to use. The Angel Light produces no dripping wax or solid shadow. The burning rate can be easily adjusted via the wick height and left no waste which yields a competitive expenses vs. the wax candle.

Suitable for
✅ House and Garden decoration.
✅ Events and wedding decoration.

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