The Standard Smokeless & Odorless Fire

When we are talking about illuminating oil, our subconscious answer will be the Kerosene. It has been a part of our darkness terminator from generation to generation. We also know that kerosene emits unpleasant smell and black smoke. Presently, with new and advanced technology, illuminating oil has been developed to minimise odour and smoke.

Prince Petroleum International Co., Ltd had specifically formulated "The Angel Oil" that best apply to all lamp designs, especially for the use with The Angel Light™

The Angel Oils is classified into 2 categories:
1. The Standard Smokeless & Odorless Oil
2. The Outdoor Oils (Torch Oil)

Key outstanding characteristics of The Angel Oil (Standard Smokeless & Odourless oil) are : Refining with advance technology, odourless and smokeless fire under normal conditions

1.  Bright and beautiful flame.
2. Safer and cleaner than kerosene or candle with no dripping wax.
3. Available in 13 colours

   - Crystal Clear, Gold, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Light Purple, Purple,  Light Blue, Blue, Light Green, Green, and Black

4. Pack in plastic bottles, Available in 3 sizes

   - 400cc (burning rate 60-70 hrs.)       

   - 1,000cc (burning  rate 130-150 hrs.)

   - 2000cc (burning rate 260-300 hrs.).

An invention of Oil Dispenser Unit “I believe you have never seen any oil pumping unit like this before…”

Yes, it is our invention again with fuel line and nozzle. For fast and convenience method in filling up the Angel Lamps which comes with 1000cc and 2000cc oil bottle. In addition, the cost of this pumping unit is relatively small.

We are glad of being the pioneer and the leader in developing and introducing, the new generation of illuminating oil in Thailand.

Varavut D.

6 USD $6

(Product variants available)

10 USD $10

(Product variants available)

16 USD $16

(Product variants available)

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